Manufactured Home Certification


 A HUD engineering foundation inspection is: To conduct a structural inspection for determining: • If the MFD home is permanently tied down, and • That the home would not float off the piers or foundation, • That the drainage of the house will not flood the crawlspace or basement. The engineer may use his/her judgement as to the permanence and method of the tie downs. It is important to keep these three items in mind during the inspection so that you do not go outside the intended scope of the inspection. More on that later though when we get into inspection specifics. Modular, Mobile or Manufactured? MODULAR A modular home is like a stick-built home but is done so in sections and in a factory setting (controlled environment). The sections are then transported and assembled on the building site. Modular homes cannot be moved once built and they are built on permanent foundation walls of either masonry block, poured concrete or wood. Modular homes are built in compliance with typical building codes just as a stick-built home would be. MOBILE Mobile homes are the predecessor of manufactured homes but built prior to 1976 prior to the HUD Standards being published. These were generally poorly built and not to either Federal or local standards/codes. MANUFACTURED Manufactured Homes are built from 1976 and on when the HUD standards became effective. The HUD standards improved the quality, safety, and energy efficiency of the homes. The most recent HUD standards are dated September 1996. Manufactured homes have exterior labels and an interior data sheet where Mobile and Modular homes do not.